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  • Baseball Log: Preserving Baseball History One Fan At A Time

    Baseball is our National Past time. It is a sport steeped in history and tradition where players become heroes and legends for their accomplishments on the field. Unlike any other sport, what happens on the baseball fields of America becomes a part of our culture. Records, statistics and great plays are marveled at, debated and handed down from generation to generation. The Baseball Log is a hard cover book designed to help you track and preserve all of the great baseball games, players and the classic baseball moments you witness throughout your life. The Baseball Log is not just a book. It is a tool that will become a valuable piece of your personal history.

    With the Baseball Log you can record over a thousand games you attend throughout your life as a baseball fan. In addition to box scores, the Baseball Log's "Touch 'em All" Checklist allows you to track when you have seen each team play at home and on the road. The “My Team” In-Person Record section allows you to track your team's season and life-time record in the games you attend. In the "My Hall of Fame" section you can record when the players you have seen are inducted into the Hall of Fame. The Baseball Log also allows you to record your favorite players through the years and each of the ball parks you visit, and (with a little luck) to collect player autographs.

    The Baseball Log is a 'must have' for any baseball fan. In particular, the Baseball Log makes a great gift for children just beginning their careers are baseball fans, new parents looking to share a lifetime of baseball memories with their children, and anyone - young or old - who plans to take a cross-county trip to tour the great baseball parks our nation has to offer.

    Click here to order a copy of the Baseball Log from Amazon.com, or here to order it straight from the publisher.